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Traci Molloy  
  Photo credit: Kim Walker  
Traci Molloy is a Brooklyn-based artist and education activist. As an artist, she has presented her work in over 130 different national exhibitions in locations such as New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Boston, and Kansas City. Her artwork has been reviewed in both national and regional publications. She has been interviewed on National Public Radio in Atlanta and E Harlem TV in New York City.
Along with her individual exhibitions, Molloy actively engages in the collaborative process by creating multi-media installations and two-dimensional works with adolescents. Her collaborations have been exhibited nationally and internationally in locations such as Johannesburg, New York City, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Portland, Maine.
Molloy’s collaborations have been featured on CBS Evening News in Atlanta, WPIX Channel 11 News in New York City, and Good Morning America. They are also the subjects of two books, Empowering Children through Art and Expression and Where Can I Get a Phoenix.
Molloy believes that teaching is the most basic form of social activism. As a result of this philosophy, she has directed public outreach programs for underserved youth in New York, Georgia, and Ohio. She lectures regularly at colleges, universities, and art based conferences about her work and her collaborations.


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