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Quilt Slam: Through Their Eyes, 2003, 5'x35', Tapestry featuring hand painted panels

Done in collaboration with Dr. Bruce St. Thomas, the Center for Grieving Children, and 130 members of America's Camp.

The tapestry features over 300 panels that tell stories of loss, love, and hope in relation to the terrorist events that took place on 9/11/01. 












I have had the pleasure of working in collaboration with Traci Molloy at America's Camp.  Traci's ability to lead children to express the ineffable, to discover sacred space in the art process and to become empowered both in the production of two and three dimensional art, as well as in promoting the expression of children's underlying feelings as a touchstone for themselves and the communities in which they live is an attribute to her activist role in the art world. Traci is truly a gifted and spirited activist.

Bruce St. Thomas Ed.,D, A.T.R.-B.C.

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